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The Iowa County Economic Development Group maintains and updates demographic, economic and spatial information for Iowa County, Iowa. 

Demographic and Economic Indicators

Iowa County's population is 16,344, as last reported in the American Community Survey 2011-2015 5-Year Estimate from<

Iowa County is home to 1,516, as last reported in the 2012 Survey of Business Owners from

Data Type Stat Description
Age 42.4 Iowa County's median age of 42.4 years is older than the National average at 37.2.
Education Attainment 92.8% Percentage of Iowa County's population, age 25 and older, with a high school diploma or greater academic attainment. The National percentage is 88.2%.
Employment Growth Rate 6.53% Iowa County had Total Employment of 8,954 and was represented by growth of 6.53% between 2006 and 2015. Comparatively, the National growth rate was 5.26%.
Median Household Income Growth Rate 6.99% Iowa County's median household income is $59,375, compared to the National rate of $53,889. Between 2009 and 2015, Iowa County had a 6.99% growth rate compared to the National rate of 4.79%.
Cost of Living Index 95.7 To calculate the cost of living in Iowa County, the commission participates in the ACCRA Cost of Living Index Report. ACCRA, a non-profit organization and produces the nationally renowned Cost of Living Index. The Cost of Living Index provides useful and reasonably accurate measure of living cost differences among different areas. In 2015, Iowa Counties Cost of Living Index was 95.7.

Transportation and Logistics

Destination Miles Time
Austin, TX 1,015 14 hours 29 minutes
Cedar Rapids, IA 44.9 43 minutes
Chicago, IL 250 3 hours 46 minutes
Cleveland, OH 580 8 hours 49 minutes
Davenport, IA 85.6 1 hour 20 minutes
Denver, CO 758 10 hours 33 minutes
Des Moines, IA 86.2 1 hour 15 minutes
Detroit, MI 516 7 hours 28 minutes
Iowa City, IA 31.3 32 minutes
Kansas City, MO 279 4 hours
Madison, WI 211 3 hours 21 minutes
Milwaukee, WI 290 4 hours 26 minutes
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 318 4 hours 34 minutes
Nashville, TN 596 8 hours 44 minutes
Omaha, NE 225 3 hours 17 minutes
St. Louis, MO 287 4 hours 22 minutes


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